Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get a stall at Crafty Fox Market?
The call for traders goes out via our mailing list. We open applications approximately 2-3 months in advance of each market. The application process is simple and involves answering some questions about your range and submitting either a weblink where we can view products or photos of your work.

Expert guest curators help us to select the traders at our markets. We are looking for unique, affordable work which we know will appeal to customers at Crafty Fox Market.  Items should be handmade. This may be either handmade by you or produced on a small scale in your home country based on your original designs. 

2. How much do stalls cost?  

Fees vary depending on the venue and the event. Currently they are between £20 - £85

3. When do the markets take place?
Markets take place 3 - 4 times a year (seasonally). We are unable to set out dates too far ahead as we need to ensure that events don't co-incide with planned works on the London underground.  

4. I am interested in running a workshop at the market. What do I do? 
Please email us with your ideas setting out what is involved and how much you plan to charge. As our events are busy, we look for activities which can be completed fairly quickly and don't require pre-booking.

5. Where are the markets advertised?  
We put up posters in the local area and give out flyers at the tube stations in the weeks leading up to each event. We also send out press releases and are very active on social media. Our traders also promote the markets to their own networks as well.

6. Can I distribute flyers for my shop / event / service at the markets?
Please contact us to discuss this in advance. This is a chargable service and any flyers which are left without permission will be removed.