Trader Information - Manmade

We are looking forward to seeing you at Manmade on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th June. A reminder of the venue information is as follows:

The Old Truman Brewery, F Block G4 & G5, 91 Brick Lane, E1 6QL
Entrance via Hanbury Street to Ely's Yard - MAP

Entrance via stairs

Entrance via stairs

View from Inside

View from Inside

Floor Plan

You will find the floor plan HERE.  Please note that this is NOT to scale and is simply to provide guidance on the day. For example, on the map, the front room pitches appear larger than the back room when they are actually all the same size. We will have the pitches marked out and labelled when you arrive. There are a large number of pillars in the venue which we need to work around. You may wish to use these for extra signs if you have one in your pitch. 

  • By way of reminder £120 + £160  pitches are 2.5m x 1.85m. 
  • If you have wall space only, it measures 2m x 2m and you can bring an additional 2 art browsers if you wish. Please note you must provide your own art browsers. 


What time can I arrive on the Friday? 

  • You will be able to get access to the venue from 10.30am (via stairs shown above) and we will be opening the doors for the public at midday. We understand this isn't a lot of time to get set up but we only gain access at 9am and will be working hard to ensure you are able to make the most of lunchtime trade in this busy area.  
  • We are limited to a certain amount of vehicles unloading at any one time. If you intend to drive, please let us know your car registration and how long you think it will take you to unload (email: The Truman Brewery will be managing this and will allocate you a time slot. 
  • If you are arriving by taxi, please use Hanbury Street for drop-off. 

What happens at the end of each day?

  • The market ends at 9pm on Friday. You can leave your things overnight should you wish to. Please don't leave any money on the premises. On Saturday, the market ends at 8pm. We would appreciate your assistance in clearing the venue as quickly as possible after this. 

Will I have access to power? 

  • There are lots of plug sockets in the venue. Please bring an extension cable if you would like to plug anything in. 

I have a wall space. Can I hang pictures and signs? 

  • The walls are constructed of bricks and breeze blocks and are painted white. You are allowed to drill into the wall but you will need to be prepared with your own drill, fixings and filler to fix any holes at the end. We need to return the venue in the same state as we got it. We will have white paint available but ask that you take responsibility for repairing any holes you create in the walls. 
  • You are welcome to attach signs using bluetack or masking tape. 

Is there Wifi at the venue? 

  • There is no wifi access at the venue, however you should find that 3G coverage is sufficient for card readers. We will have one mobile internet device available if you are having difficulty accepting payment via 3G. 

Are tables / chairs provided?

  • Tables and chairs are only provided if you pre-booked them when you paid your fee. Please refer to your receipt if you have forgotten what you booked. Should you wish to hire any additional furniture from us, please let us know ASAP. Chairs are £5 and tables (4ft or 6ft trestles) are £8. 
  • Dimensions of our tables are either 4ft or 6ft long, 2ft 6" (76cm) wide and 2ft 6" tall. 

Are females allowed to 'man' the stalls at Manmade? 

  • Yes! Although the public is expecting to meet male makers so ideally the male member of the team will also be present. 

Is the event free for the public to attend?

  •  Yes, the event is free. There is also an excellent talks programme which will require pre-booking (£5 + booking fee). You will find further information about the talks HERE.  Mr Wingate will be running drop-in screen printing workshops and I Am Acrylic will be hosting jewellery making workshops throughout the event. 

Will there be food and drinks?

  • There will be a craft beer bar and street food cafe at the event. We will be setting up offers for traders and will let you know about this in advance. The days are long so we would advise that you bring snacks and drinks to keep you going. 

Do I need signage for my stand? 

  • Etsy will be producing consistent signage for every stand which you will receive on event day. This will be in the form of wall mounted price tags and for artworks and a small table-top sign for everyone else. However, please feel free to bring your own branding / signage along too. Don't forget a tablecloth if you have rented a table from us. 

I will be driving to the event, what about unloading and parking? 

  • To unload, you should drive down Hanbury Street and turn into Ely's Yard. Only a limited number of cars can unload at any one time so please do this as quickly as possible. You will need to load everything in up the flight of stairs at the front of the venue. 
  • There is parking in the Brick Lane Car Park - information and rates are included in the following webpage:
  • The photo below shows the entrance to the car park on Brick Lane. 


Please help to spread the word and the buzz amongst your friends, family and contacts in the remaining few days.

  • You will find the facebook event HERE. Please invite all your friends and contacts. 
  • You will find the 'Etsy Local' event HERE. Joining this event means that it will appear on your Etsy shop. 
  • Please use the hashtag #manmade on social media. 
  • If you tweet us @craftyfoxmarket with pictures of your preparations for the event, we will RT as many as possible. 
  • We will be doing goodie bags for the first 100 visitors on Friday.
  • If you know anyone who works in a large office around Brick Lane, please encourage them to circulate the flyer and get colleagues to come down after work on the Friday for a drink and shopping. 
  • Please email if you would like us to post paper flyers to you. 

The flyer, fox image and Etsy shop banner can be found below: 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to meeting you at the market!  

Sinead & the Manmade team
07813981564 (Sinead)