In Business: Using Craft Fairs as a Promotional Tool

Craft fairs are not only an excellent means of selling your wares, but also provide an opportunity for you to promote your brand and connect with shoppers. 

Sophie from Oh My Clumsy Heart makes jewellery. She shares her experience of promoting her brand through craft fairs.

Sophie from  Oh My Clumsy Heart  captured by Jack Spicer Adams

Sophie from Oh My Clumsy Heart captured by Jack Spicer Adams


Make it as easy as possible for people to keep in touch with you. Order business cards and offer them to everyone who visits your stall.  Give one to every person who makes a purchase – it helps remind them WHO they purchased their item from and encourages them to revisit your shop online. 


Create a mailing list - it’s a great way of building an audience of people who love your work, enabling you to directly and specifically talk to them.  Make a simple print out to put on your table at the craft fair (if you don’t have time a notepad will do and it’s definitely better than nothing) – encourage them to join by providing a good incentive (eg. 10% discount).  After the craft fair, add these names to your mailing list and remember to send regular newsletters letting them know what you’re up to. 

Create a social media presence and take the time to make sure all the details are up-to-date. People will be looking at your site 

BEFORE and AFTER the fair – making sure everything is relevant, correct and working is extremely important.


Keep your stall consistent and in-line with the branding of your shop.  Use the same or similar colour palettes and retain familiarity by running it throughout everything used on your stall. You want people to instantly recognise you and what you make by providing visual clues.

Talk to everyone.  People will want to know who you are, what you make, and how you make it.  Prepare yourself to answer a lot of questions... but also to ask them.  Network with friendly faces, ask questions of fellow sellers and be approachable to customers.  Share and exchange information – whether it’s business details or friendly advice.  It’s really useful to network; making friends and connections is what helps a business stay successful.

This ties in with the previous two points and applies to everything you do, ever.  Bringing someone with you to help out on a stall is always advisable but inviting a vivacious, outgoing person is a definite bonus.  If you’re a little nervous or an introvert, having someone there who finds talking to strangers comes naturally really does relieve the pressure.  If possible, work at your craft on your table – people are really interested in seeing firsthand the process of the items on display being made.  It encourages interaction and the more interaction, the more memorable you will be.  



Oh My Clumsy Heart will be at The Crafty Fox Market on Sunday 24th March 2013.