How to sell more jewellery - 5 tips from Mastered

2 years ago the Amazings set out to re-invent creative education in a way which is more affordable, more convenient and ultimately more valuable.   Initially the idea was to focus on elderly makers passing on their skills and knowledge to the younger generationsThis year the Amazings are relaunching as Mastered providing online courses for designer-makers.  Here, Rebecca Black (Holt Jewellery Acadamy) shares some tips on selling jewellery.

We all know that New Year’s Resolutions soon get forgotten. Grey January days are hard enough without getting up at 6am for punishing exercise regimes or at least a little chocolate or wine.
But when it comes to your business, then don’t leave your resolutions to languish. If you’ve committed to sell more of your jewellery in 2014, use these following five tips to make sure you meet your goals.


1. Don’t underestimate the importance of really good images. Whether you’re selling online or creating advertising leaflets - make sure that your jewellery is shot in a professional way. It should be well lit and ideally with some atmosphere and imagination. Try to avoid having your jewellery look lifeless and shapeless. If you are at a craft fair or pop-up shop, pay real attention to your display and make sure you keep it looking beautiful all day long.

2. In your online or printed materials, describe not only your jewellery, but also your story. Create a brief but interesting narrative of why you want to make jewellery, what influences you and what emotion or feeling you hope your jewellery evokes. Use images to describe your journey and influences too. Your customers are not just buying a pretty piece, they are buying something which says something about themselves.
3. Jewellery is a very personal purchase and is entirely discretionary. There are a great many jewellers out there, you need to carefully identify who your jewellery is for and then find imaginative ways of reaching them.
4. Once you have a customer, create a relationship with them. Invite people to your facebook  page or blog, as well as your Etsy or Folksy platform. Similarly, invite your customers to come and see you at craft fairs and pop-up shops. Your existing customers are your best promoters. Make sure you value them.
5. Social media is no longer optional; you must engage online. Create accounts with Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or Vine to engage with your customers and get your message out there.

Thanks to Mastered and Rebecca Black at Holts Academy for providing this advice.

Mastered have worked with Holts Academy to produce a home casting course for jewellery makers who want to make more of their pieces at home, without the need for expensive equipment. You can try a free trial here.

If jewellery isn't your thing, check out the other courses on offer including a great looking one on tambour beading.