Shout Out: Eleanor Stuart pops up at Boxpark


Last week Eleanor Stuart hosted a pop up shop in trendy East London to show off her bold and charming ceramics, art prints and stationery. The location was Boxpark - a pop-up mall created entirely out of shipping containers for independent and global fashion, lifestyle stores, restaurants and bars. Diana finds out a bit about her experience:

Can you tell us a bit about your pop up shop?

I popped up in Boxpark to celebrate a year since launching the business which is pretty exciting. I was there for a week from the 13th-19th October in trendy ol' Shoreditch (I did a beard count from my perch in the shop!)

I'm more used to doing markets like Crafty Fox around London so it's very strange to go from a market stall to having my own four walls, a door and central heating!

Boxpark is an amazing location for a pop up shop, how did you go about securing such a good location?

Since starting the business I'd always set having my own shop with Boxpark as a goal because it's such a unique space and project to be a part of. I've loved seeing the different brands that have popped up here over the past couple of years so it's amazing to finally be one of them. 

In terms of securing the space I'd heard that one or two units become available every now and then as more permanent brands come and go so I simply emailed the Boxpark team to see when the next available spot was back in March, and 7 months later I was in! 

ESBP 2.jpg

Any tips for people who want to host their own pop up shop?

The minute you've confirmed it's happening, start prepping for it! From press to products, you can never start the preparations too soon as before you know it will be the opening day. Having your own space is a pretty unique opportunity so make the best of what it offers, from how you decorate it to holding events in store. Most importantly, enjoy it!

I used to play 'shops' when I was a very tiny person, and now I'm doing it as an adult person, so for me having my own shop has been the culmination of a childhood spent practicing for this exact opportunity so I'm loving it and I would encourage anyone and everyone to do it too! 

Check out Eleanors wares on her website and keep up to date with her on Instagram and Twitter. You can also catch Eleanor at the Peckham edition of Crafty Fox Market on Saturday 13th December.

Interview by Diana Stainton, Pygmy Cloud.