Letter from Australia: Craft Singles

Our latest roving reporter, Alex Conomos, writes from her native Sydney, Australia. She will be reporting on all things 'crafty' from the other side of the globe. Here, she pays a visit to a new concept in dating 'Craft Singles'....

Thankfully Valentine’s Day in this town is no longer just for couples! Sydney turned out a number of fun events for singles so I grabbed a few girlfriends and we took ourselves off to Work-Shop for the night for a speed-dating style event with a crafty twist.

14 guys and 14 girls were paired up to complete different arts and crafts challenges for 10 minutes before moving along to the next single. The challenges ranged from origami to heart garlands and mixtape felt badges. My favourite station was building structures from dried spaghetti and marshmallows. Nothing breaks the ice like a united mission to build a dream structure!

While we flirted over paper hearts we had the chance to enjoy cocktails by the guys at Trolley’d. These clever boys have converted recycled Ansett airline trolleys into mobile cocktail bars that serve tasty drinks made using native Australian and local organic produce.

At the end of each challenge we ticked yay or nay for the guy; the organisers collated all the scores at the end of the night and revealed email addresses to those who had simultaneously chosen yay.

It was a fun way to spend the evening and a great twist on the usual speed-dating format. I'd be surprised if something like this didn't catch on in London.

MakersSinead KoehlerComment