In Business: Tops Tips for selling at Markets

With the second round of Crafty Fox spring markets around the corner, Diana from Pygmy Cloud thought she’d ask her favourite crafters and regular Crafty Fox sellers to share their top tips for selling at craft fairs and markets:

Mister Peebles (Trading on Sun 27 April at the Dogstar, Brixton)

Mister Peebles

Mister Peebles

"When packing props and furniture, always try to take a couple of options. At many markets you can't tell what size and shape the space will be. Having a few different things in the kit and staying flexible can make setting up less stressful. It also forces you to think differently about the display each time and this keeps it interesting and leads to new ideas along the way."

 "I think a business card to give to people is so important. Not everyone is in the mood to buy on the day but it doesn't mean they are not interested. I find that online sales often increase after a market and I'm sure this is people going home and thinking twice or passing a card to their illustration-loving friend."


I Am Acrylic (Trading on Sat 26 April at the Dogstar, Brixton)

I am Acrylic pictured at Renegade Craft Market

I am Acrylic pictured at Renegade Craft Market

"Try not to ever look bored! Even if it’s been a long day : ) And say ‘hello!’ to everyone who stops at your stall – but don’t pester them....unless they want to be pestered! - Don’t over clutter your stall too much – let the products breath.  Try to tell your story with your display, perhaps with some display items that show how you have made your products. Customers love to know how things are made and it’s a great conversation starter! - Price everything! Don’t make the customer to have to ask you how much anything is, make it easy for them to buy your wares."


Birds in Hats (Trading on Sat 26 April at the Dogstar, Brixton)

Birds in Hats at Crafty Fox Market - Photo by  Yeshen Venema

Birds in Hats at Crafty Fox Market - Photo by Yeshen Venema

"LISTS! Write a list and use it. Lay everything out in front of you and tick everything off one by one or else you WILL forget something. (I once forgot my float and had to beg my flatmate to bring it across London first thing in the morning for me)."

"Check out your fellow market goers shops/pages/twitters and say hi to those who catch you eye. Freelancing can be a solitary business, always nice to be social with like minded people :)"


And Smile (Trading on Sat 26 April at the Dogstar, Brixton)

And Smile pictured at Crafty Fox Market

And Smile pictured at Crafty Fox Market

"Wear the products yourself if you can, it gives the customer an idea of how good it looks when you are modelling your own wares." 

 "Have a notebook to write down all of your sales so you can see what are your best sellers. You can also write down any comments that customers or fellow crafters make about your products."


Pygmy Cloud

Pygmy Cloud at Crafty Fox Market

Pygmy Cloud at Crafty Fox Market

 "I always think that the best craft fair displays are the ones that are customised for that particular sellers products. We recently made a step shelf out of mdf and perspex which fits our products perfectly. Choose props and display stands that show off your products well as well as reflect your brand."

"On the day of the fair, keep all of your extra stock, change, carrier bags etc well organised and easily accessible so that sales are smooth and you don’t have to rummage around to find things!"

"Arrive early so you can take your time setting up and have a bit of extra time to grab a cuppa and make friends with your craft fair neighbours. This is also a good opportunity to take some pictures and sneak in some social media posts to promote your business and the market before the fair starts so you are not sat looking at your phone when the customers arrive."

This post by Diana at Pygmy Cloud, a little brand selling home decor, plush toys & accessories. Every product is designed in London for adults and children alike.