Shout Out: Alice Tams at The Big Egg Hunt in New York

Our talented Crafty Fox traders are always working on exciting ventures and collaborations, so we thought we would share what they get up to with our new blog series 'Shout Out'.

Earlier this year, Crafty Foxer Alice Tams from Birds in Hats was invited to New York to participate in The Big Egg Hunt. Diana from Pygmy Cloud finds out more:

Alice's hand-painted egg in New York's Financial District

Alice's hand-painted egg in New York's Financial District

Can you tell us a bit about the concept of The Big Egg Hunt in New York?

The Big Egg Hunt is a huge charity event that first launched in London. This year it was hosted in New York supporting two worthy causes.  Around 260 artists are given huge fibreglass eggs to beautify using their own specialist skills. They are hidden around the city for 4 weeks around Easter and then auctioned off for charity. 

How did you get involved in the project?

One of the charity organisers called me in November - it turned out I was doing a commission for her colleague! I'd really enjoyed visiting the London event a year or so before so I jumped at the chance.


How did you pick which of your “Birds in Hats” to feature?

They had to be jazzy and stylish, being in New York, and some of my more popular birds. Penguin in a Top HatZebra Finch in a Boater Hat and Pigeon in a Top Hat seemed to fit the brief the most!

What did you enjoy most about it?

The challenge! I work in crayons in fine liners a lot more than acrylics and generally on flat surfaces as opposed to convex ones! I found myself adjusting the illustration's proportions to compensate for the curvature of the egg, which was much more 'technical' than my day to day work and a surprising amount of fun once I was on the right track.


What challenges did you face creating your pieces in a workspace that wasn’t your own studio?

I had to travel to New York as that's where my blank egg was. It was very strange, though you realise how little your surroundings matter when you have to just make do and are thrown out of your comfort zone. I hand painted everything, even the background, as I didn't have a window in my workspace so spray paint was out of the question, as was natural daylight. It's definitely given me more confidence to just get on with things, everything seems insurmountable until you actually try it!

What were you favourite Eggs from the hunt?

My personal favourites would have been the designs of Matthew Willey, Joanne Holbrook and the wonderful Oliver Jeffers.

Do you have any new projects come up?

I have a few actually!

The long anticipated 'Dinosaurs in Jumpers' project is well underway, my woodland creatures folk band is growing in numbers and I'm one portrait down in a project to draw every Bill Murray. Or at least most.

Keeping it necessary, as always, then.

Bill Murray portrait by Alice Tams

Bill Murray portrait by Alice Tams

Thank you to Diana from Pygmy Cloud for putting this post together. All photos by Alice Tams