Shout Out: Sandra Dieckmann

Today we meet illustrator Sandra Dieckmann to talk about her exciting collaboration with Sky Rainforest Rescue and the World Wildlife Fund


Can you tell us a bit about your commission for the Sky Rainforest Rescue?
It was a great and interesting project to work on. Sky Rainforest Rescue partnered up with the World Wildlife Fund as well as Lily Cole to promote her first footwear range for the sustainable trainer brand Veja which works with Amazonian rubber used on the soles of the shoes.  As well as that, the project is aimed at raising awareness of how much the rainforest ' the lungs of our world' need protecting and with it the billion trees there in Brazil. I jumped at the chance of being involved and was delighted to learn that I was to illustrate a beautiful rubber tree and all the endangered creatures that call the Amazon region home.The illustration was uploaded bit by bit in an Instagram installation. The full illustration was 3 Tiles wide and over 60 tiles high and in real life it stands well over 1,80m. 


How did you get involved with the project?
I was contacted by the creative Team at Sapient Nitro to see if I was free to work on the Instagram installation project a short while before we actually begun. The project was right up my street and the idea of the growing Instagram tree was all theirs. I worked closely with the team on a daily basis to turning their vision around with my illustration style which was a lot of fun and a great learning curve in every respect. I think my favourite tiles are towards the top of the installation when the monkeys are sitting there in the night with the tree all colourful and glowing.

Top of the tree

Top of the tree

It looks like a mammoth project to work on! How long did it take an how did you go about planning such a big project?
I drew it in around 20 days with little time out. It was a really crazy time full of instant coffee, 2 min Uncle Bens rice, long late nights and tight deadlines, happiness and tears. It was a mammoth project in every respect and also enormously important. We all really put our backs into it! Videos, animations, interviews and many collaborators where involved with creating interactive tiles and making the tree what it is today. Planning wise we worked with a tight time schedule and a giant mock up of the tiles to come. I would create animals and sections of the tree and work my way up day by day working on the next piece while waiting for approval for the last. Every few days we would upload a few tiles and enjoy the audience engagement.


What were the challenges?
Definitely for me working with a big team instead of trusting myself and then the time constrictions. My work is pretty detailed and can be slow sometimes.

What did you enjoy the most?
The subject matter, learning about the different animals and being able to draw them was great. It was such a vibrant idea and I was happy to work on a commission that seemed to be tailored to what I like drawing anyhow while raising awareness for a good cause.

sandra dieckmann3

Have you got any more exciting project on the go?
Always many ;-) To be honest I have had to take things a bit slow at the moment due to an injury. The last 4 weeks I have been out of the studio but I'm getting back into it. Sadly that meant saying 'no' to a lot of requests.I'm looking forward to the 100 Cats show that we will be opening at A side B side Gallery at Hackney Downs Studios on the 11th of Sep! Come! 

 Interview by Diana from Pygmy Cloud

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