Packing List for Market Traders

There's a lot to remember when you are getting ready for market day. Here's a sample list that you could use as a guide but do remember to tailor it depending on the event and your own particular products. 

Getting There

  • Directions to venue
  • Contact details for organisers. 

Display & Packaging

  • Your products, with price labels. 
  • Any props or display stands
  • A mirror (if selling jewellery / clothing / accessories)
  • Clean, ironed table cloth
  • Bags / packaging
  • Extra lighting (if required)
  • Scissors, pens, tape, string, clips, zip ties, spare fabric. 


  • Business cards
  • Mailing list sign-up form
  • A sign/banner with your shop name
  • Portfolio (if you take commissions or have more work than on show).


  • Cash box with change
  • A mobile card reader
  • Notebook / phone app to record sales


  • Snacks and drinks to keep energy up
  • A friendly smile and positive attitude! 

Public liability insurance - you don't necessarily need to bring this with you but you should have a policy in place for market trading. Currently you can get an annual policy as a benefit by subscribing to the A-N (£36). This is the best value we have been able to find at present.