Peckham Workshops this weekend!

We can't wait for our Peckham market this weekend, and for the crafty folk who fancy getting more hands-on we have two fantastic drop in workshops for you....

I Am Acrylic drop in Jewellery Workshop - Sat 8th Oct

At the I Am Acrylic drop-in jewellery workshop Ruth & Brendan will teach you how to work with acrylic and you'll come away with a finished pendant or keychain.
It's a really hands-on session! You'll design, hand-cut and hand-finish your necklace/keychain. It's really easy, and fun, and you get to wear safety goggles!
The workshop is suitable for absolute beginners. It costs just £10 and is drop-in all day 11am-5pm - so no need to book, just grab a seat. What will you make?

Create Your Own Hair Oil Workshop by Hairy Jayne - Sat 8th & Sun 9th Oct

In this workshop by Hairy Jayne you’ll be creating a hair oil customised to your particular hair type and fragrance preference.

The hair oil is made with 100% natural ingredients and gives a light shine to your hair while softening and strengthening it. It’s best used on damp or dry hair as a leave-in product. Can be used as a beard oil too!

You’ll learn which natural oils are best for which hair problems, and you'll be given the recipe so you can keep on creating oils at home.

£10, Drop in. 11am-5pm

Hair oil workshop images by Martha Loves.