Whats in a name?

Starting your own creative business is an amazing journey, and choosing a name for your new venture is always top of the to-do list!

We thought it would be fun to find out a bit more about how some of our more curiously titled traders named their businesses and the stories behind their interesting store names…

"We are Chá com Letras, an illustration-led, London based lifestyle and publishing venture started by ourselves, James and Joana, to produce design conscious products with a pinch of wit. Since our inception we have gone on to create many homewares, accessories, prints and stationery featuring James’s quirky illustrations mostly inspired by nature and history, often combining the two!

We initially set out to create an illustration and children’s book publishing venture, hence the name, which when translated from Portuguese (Joana is from Portugal) is ‘Tea with Letters’. The decision to use the word tea is naturally due to the UK’s obsession which we felt was also the perfect combination to go with a book.

At the same time we didn’t want the name to impose too much on the products and felt a Portuguese name would compliment this. We feel the name of Chá com Letras honours the old age Anglo-Portuguese alliance through design."

"I am Galia, AKA Monstrous Pencil and I make prints, records and jewellery and anything that occurs to me! I am absolutely addicted to making STUFF! I currently stock my work in 10 different shops in the UK.

I named my business after my very cheeky youngest daughter, her nickname is “Pencil” and she’s often rather monstrous!  I also spend a lot of time drawing and designing and I love drawings monsters and odd creatures, so Monstrous Pencil was the perfect fit as a name."

"Nook of the North is a striking collection of handcrafted jewellery and embroidered wall hangings created by me, Rebecca Hector Clarke. I use a rich colour palette, inspired by 1950s block printing and pattern design, to create vibrant, hand stitched pieces that are irresistibly tactile. The bold shapes I use come from geometry and nature – my designs experiment predominantly with balancing order and imperfection. The collection incorporates textured fabric, threads, gold and brass findings and are hand made in my studio in West Yorkshire.

The name Nook of the North comes from a comment made by my Mum. I'm very much a 'wrap up warm' kind of person and have many winter coats. One of my favourites has a huge sheepskin-lined hood and when my Mum saw me in it she said "For goodness sake, you look like Nanook of the north!" (Nanook was an Eskimo from a documentary made in the 1920's).

I'd been trying to think of a name for a long time and the fact that we'd just moved into a house on Nook road and we live up north made it just seem right."

"I’m Claire Gillespie and I believe that children should have the chance to be creative, explore their imaginations and enjoy some make believe. Three years ago I started Oglee Poglee and now I spend my time crafting with kids, designing craft kits and running craft parties.
Oglee Poglee was the perfect the name for my children’s craft business. When my mum can’t remember the name of something she always says “where’s the oglee poglee?”. It has been in my family for years and reminds me of my childhood. As a company name it’s been great, it’s memorable, children find it easy to say and it’s has the fun factor. "

"I'm Christian Marsden, the designer-maker behind StolenForm, a home accessories and giftware brand that specialises in recasting iconic urban features, transforming them into functional ceramic products.

I perpetually trail traces of plaster behind me, experimenting with moulding and slip casting processes to realise my design ideas through the replication of industrialised ready-made objects.

Years spent journeying through London’s streets led me to notice the foundational features of the city that are often overlooked: a brick, a manhole cover over a drain or a piece of piping could be reclaimed and elevated to a new level of function and aesthetic value. This has become the underlying principle of the brand.

StolenForm is a name that sparks a reaction, it conjures up thoughts about identity and ownership, to reuse and claim for yourself. It is explanatory of the concept the brand works towards, which a birth name can never give insight to. In my opinion a name must distinguish you from others, explain what you create, grab peoples attention from the offset and be remembered in the future. A good name needs to be reflected in a good logo, which will to carry their concept forward though branding and will increase the recognition for the company the craft practitioner has created."

"I am Yoyo, an illustrator/animator who is obsessed with making sweatshirts, known as Yoyo The Ricecorpse, based in London.

Currently I have been working with games designs/character designs, and also have been making a full animated music video. On the Crafty side I have been participating in this fabulous (and addictive) pin game and patch game! I have a huge passion with food, especially noodles, so a lot of my products are related to that.

My ‘business name’ is actually just my art name. It came from a short movie I made at second year of University. It means dead rice...zombie rice! The hidden meaning behind the name I will keep mysterious."