Peckham shopping guide by Carrie Maclennan

Peckham guest curator Carrie Maclennan (Not The Kind) has put together a little guide of what to look out for at our upcoming Peckham market on 8th & 9th October.

Here she shares with us the traders she is looking forward to checking out!

I was flippin' delighted to select the vendors for Crafty Fox Market in Peckham this Autumn.
I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone who's setting up shop at The Bussey Building on the 8th and 9th of October.  The standard of applicants was really high and everyone is worth checking out but I'm particularly excited about visiting the following:

Marina Semencuka
Artist Marina Semencuka is taking part in the Uncovered talent showcase on Saturday 8th October. Her illustrations are joyous and I can't wait to see the full collection.

Phoebe Simpson
Also appearing in the Uncovered section on Saturday is super-talented silversmith, Phoebe Simpson. Her chunky designs really piqued my interest. Her jewellery range is just beautiful. I know it's naughty to mention the C-word right now, but um... I reckon a Quarry Ring might fit neatly in my Christmas stocking?

Sweet Design Studio
When I first saw Sweet Design Studio's work during the vendor selection process, I swear I made a weird, excitable 'wheep' noise. It'll be great to see these fun, upbeat, good vibes illustrations in real life. If you're shopping for good vibes, pay Sweet Design Studio a visit.

Slinkylinks Jewellery
You can bet your boots I'll be hanging out at the Slinkylinks Jewellery stand and you can bet your boots I will do my damnedest to to recreate this photograph for my obligatory 'I'm at Crafty Fox!' Instagram post!

The Art Fidget
I hope Art Fidget comes well stocked because I already have my eye on a number of these ace bangles! I'm an enormous fan of colour clash, pattern clash and bold design so I'm really interested to see Art Fidget all set up in technicolour glory on Sunday 9th October.

Paper Scalpel Paint
Here's another artist whose work I discovered for the first time during the vendor selection process. Paper Scalpel Paint's work had my eyes popping and brains tingling. There may even have been hand clapping/face grabbing when I first saw these excellent abstract prints. You'll find them in the Uncovered section on Sunday. If I don't get to them first, that is.

Kika Na Art
Did I mention that I love colour, pattern and bold design? Kika Na Art ticks all those boxes and I am SO looking forward to trying on this Grace Jones necklace. Get ready for some serious statement accessorising, people!

Happy Knitwear
I've been a Happy Knitwear fan-from-afar for a while but I've never had the pleasure of seeing their woolly work in person. Since the air is getting slightly chillier, it seems now's the perfect time.

My Crafty Fox trip will be all about discovering new artists, new work and meeting new people. But with a tonne of Made in the Shade pals, Not The Kind favourites and a bunch of super-cool people I've met these past few years all attending, it'll be a sociable shopping affair! Be sure to check out Clare Nicolson, Lucie Ellen, Custom Made, Jenny Sibthorp, AndSmile, IamAcrylic, Uncommonly Beautiful and Isobello Design. Be sure to check out EVERYONE.
See you at the weekend!


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