Maker Profile - Cliffe House Organics

My name is Thom! I am the founder of Cliffe House Organics based in Holmfirth, Yorkshire. We craft and create handmade natural products from skincare to home gifts. We are a small family team that is passionate about producing amazing products with a focus on sustainable, ethical ingredients & packaging.

Everything we make is made by hand by me

I started making soaps around 3 years ago just for fun as I was intrigued about how they were made. After studying further and taking a few courses I  began to create my own recipes and blends. I began to think maybe I could sell these and my passion for design led me to start designing packaging. After some small successes the business grew along with some new product ranges including candles, diffusers and gift sets. Everyone involved at Cliffe House Organics comes from different backgrounds from art, sales to accounts. I have had a few different jobs myself from farming to marketing!  

We started with our range of signature soaps made using 100% natural ingredients, each soap was made with a skin condition or purpose in mind such as our Cooks kitchen soap made with lemon and coffee perfect to remove kitchen smells from your hands.

We then expanded the business to include candles, again we started with a small set of 5 soy wax candles scented with essential oils. The candles we chose match 5 of our best selling soaps, each candle is hand poured and finished with a small decoration made using soy wax and natural botanicals. In time we have added Essential oil diffusers to the collection of products and again we chose to make these 100% natural by using a soy base rather than alcohol or petroleum as you get in most high street diffusers. Not only does this mean a more eco-friendly product but a longer lasting product. Since then we have added luxury gift boxes, which we can personalize, along with soy wax tealight sets.  

Being organic was very important when I set up the business. Following research, I couldn’t believe the amount of harmful things companies put in their products that they don’t make clear and even hide behind clever marketing. This includes packaging, which is a trending topic around the world at the minute as we produce too much rubbish from products being packaged badly. We only use sustainable sources for all our packaging including papers made from recycled coffee cups on all our soaps. We print using green print which uses waxes instead of inks which last much longer and can be recycled.

Most of the products we make have a similar process in some regard. We take natural base oils, botanicals and 100% pure essential oils. We blend these at different temperatures using different techniques to create the end product.

I find inspiration for new scents everywhere! Sometimes we smell a product we like but think we can improve if we added a little of this or that, some products scents are drawn from places we have been around the world or simply smells we know we would love to be on our skin or fill our home. Blending scents is probably the hardest thing we do and can take months to find the right balance.

It’s very hard to pick a favourite product from the range as I know how much work went into each one, but I would have to pick the Physic Garden diffuser. It’s a blend of rose, patchouli, lavender and ylang ylang which really fills the whole house. The inspiration was taken from a garden in Chelsea filled with these scents.

We work out of the family home which is also a B&B. We have a large cellar space which we converted to a manufacturing facility and warehouse space, although most of the house is now filled with product and boxes!

This spring we are launching a really exciting new range of candles, we are calling these The Uncorked collection as they are made using recycled wine bottles. We have cut wine bottles down and filled them with our natural soy wax and essential oils, each candles comes with a cork stopper of keep the candle fresh and they will last over 40 hours. We also have a new candle making kit coming soon filled with everything you would need to make your own natural candle.

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