Maker Profile - Life's a Biscuit

Hello!  I’m an Saskia from Life's a Biscuit, an East London girl living in beautiful Brighton. I make biscuit and sweet related jewellery, magnets and accessories.
I think I’ve been a maker all my life! I made a tamagotchi from an old soap box when I was little until I could save my pocket money for a real one! I didn’t enjoy art at school and dropped it before GCSE but kept painting and making bits and bobs in my own time. I did an art degree in Brighton and haven’t looked back since.
In our final year at uni one of my friends and I made little gummy bear brooches and sold them to our peers to make money for our mid-afternoon tea and doughnut fund! After I graduated I carried on making delicious looking goodies. It’s grown very naturally, from working in the corner of my kitchen, I now have a studio where I spend half my week.

I tend to mould my personal favourites when it comes to sweets and biscuits. Sometimes I make my own version of a biscuit, other times I mould the real thing. I piped my own icing for the iced gems and moulded that. I work with a polymer based resin for most of my biscuits. I mix the resin, adding colour and then pour into my moulds. Once it’s cured I clean it up and depending which biscuit it is I then add resin ‘jam’ or a magnet. Then they’re good to go!
Mould making is one of my favourite processes. I use silicone to make my moulds.  Initially it takes time to make a really neat careful mould but it’s worth it because I can then pop out several biscuits in one go. Taking things out of moulds is always so exciting - I’m never quite sure what I’m going to discover!

I work on the top floor of a fantastic building filled with creative and small businesses (New England House). I share a room with other makers and have a big desk right by the window looking out across Brighton to the sea. I have all my moulds and pigments there as well as a LOT of biscuits (they’re all fake, sorry!). I want to paint my space and put cheesy slogans up on the walls, that’s my next job!
It might sound boring but Radio 4 keeps me company most of the day, and I learn so much. It can be lonesome working on my own so it’s important for me to feel like I’m staying in touch with the rest of the world… I’m not an Archers convert yet though! My perfect tea break consists of builders tea, milk no sugar and a Fox’s Crunch Cream… they’re amazing!

I’m always getting new ideas, it helps that there are so many biscuit options out there! I want to make more mirrors covered with Life’s a Biscuit goodies and I’ve got ideas for a jammy dodger pocket mirror which I need to work on! Customers at stalls are always giving me new ideas and requesting their favourite biscuits! I’d love to collaborate with someone in fashion and turn the biscuits into an outrageous and extravagant outfit!
I have a sign on my stall that says “Not real!” because so many people ask! I did catch a child trying to have a nibble once. Most people like to pick the biscuits up to work out if they’re real - they’re very tactile.
Plan for the future include more biscuits!  I don’t think I’ll stay in biscuits forever but for now I think there’s still more to explore and I’m always willing to do biscuit eating research!