Social Sells: How to upgrade your photography for the Instagram era

The power of social media is one of the best tools available to designer-makers right now, but are we all embracing it as well as we could? Jenny Hyde from Copper Boom Studio talks us through her top tips for making your feed look as appealing as possible to potential customers...

Social media is one of the best, most cost effective ways to connect with potential customers and create a loyal customer base of people who just LOVE your products! But visuals are incredibly important in this Instagram-Facebook-scroll-through-everything era. 

1. Let the light in

With all photography, light is crucial. The better your light, the crisper, cleaner and more eye-catching your photo will be.

Use natural light as much as you can – this often means finding a spot in your house or studio where the light is good and taking lots of photos at the right time of day, even if you post them later!

Invest in professional lighting if you’re struggling. You don’t have to go gigantic, but having a small daylight lamp with a white sheet or two can make it so much easier to get good quality photos.

2. Show the detail

You have such a teeny tiny amount of time to make an impression on someone who is scrolling through their feed. Make sure you show them the most important thing!

Let your products lead the way. If you’re trying to show the detail or quality of a product, make that the focus. Sometimes the most engaging images are real close-ups of a product.

Fill the frame. For bigger products, or if you’re showing the whole product in-situ, make sure the product fills most of your frame and is in focus.

3. Give it some sass and personality!

Your marketing content is all about telling your story and connecting with potential customers, so adding your personal touch is essential.

Choose and use brand colours. Using a consistent palette can help you plan your photography and look really professional. They don’t have to be the same every time, but developing some go-to colours you love and fit your brand can really make your feed pop.

Prop it up. We love using fun, relevant and beautiful props! They help to tell the story of your products, and add plenty of engagement to social content. Just remember that your brand and product need to lead – don’t let props overpower your content.

And with social media, especially on Instagram, getting seen is everything. Use hashtags to engage with your customers. Some of our favourites include:

·       #supportsmall

·       #mycreativebiz

·       #communityovercompetition

·       #makersmovement

·       #creativelifehappylife


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