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CUT & PASTE preview: Jewellery

We are delighted to be setting up shop as 'CUT & PASTE' along with Emy from Brixi in the 'Collective' space at 69 Camden High Street from 16-21 July.  Emy will be working her magic on the decor so expect a visual treat when you pay a visit! 

Over the next few weeks, we will showcase some of the designers taking part, starting with jewellery and accessories. 

  • Pouncing Fox Brooch: By Emily - Emily's beautiful jewellery is delicately imprinted with her fingerprints, tarnished and bears the marks of making. 
  • Boston Terrier Scarf: Lisa Bliss - silk scarves digitally printed on 100% Silk Habotai from original artwork
  • Francesca Gold Walnut Brooch: Manolo: A unique range of laser cut and engraved jewellery based on original illustrations. 

  • Silver & Gold Nested Triangles: Oh My Clumsy Heart - geometric, minimal, modern 
  • Hammer Pendant: Daniel Darby - miniature tools made using sterling silver on an oak handle. Well priced, great quality jewellery. 
  • Leaves and Coral Lace Necklace: Bobbin & Bow - Elegant and unique necklace made of hand-cut lace leaves and coral beads

Don't forget to check out our exciting range of workshops too!