Sinead Koehler - Crafty Fox Market, Founder & Director


Sinead started Crafty Fox Market in 2010.

With a professional background in event management, a side-line in jewellery making and a love for handmade, Sinead was well poised to launch a market event centred around the community of traders.

Looking for a speaker? 

Sinead is available to speak on a range of topics related to the handmade industry, tips for selling, retail trends, how to run markets, starting a creative business, juggling children and small business etc and has previously presented to audiences at:

Sinead has also been on several judging panels including the Mollie Makes Awards (2014, 2015 & 2016) and the NotOnTheHighStreet Make awards (2016). She has also represented the craft sector at 10 Downing Street as part of a round table discussion hosted by Enterprise Nation.

Listen to Sinead tell her story via this Arrest All Mimics podcast.  


Looking for advice?

Sinead offers consultancy to those wishing to start their own markets. Get in touch for further details.